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We have kittehs!

They arrived yesterday. About 7 weeks old.
Wanda Sykes is a big ol' queer.

Last night at practice we skated 100 laps in however much time it took. I finished in 19 minutes and some seconds. The majority of us finished in under 20 minutes. I remember when we'd skate 100 laps in 20 minutes and only 2 of us even finished (Ragdoll and Nukem). Incredible, the improvement we've all had.
My beloved Neighborhoodies has a new readymade that calls Hillary Clinton a ho. I am appalled and fucking pissed. Wtf Neighborhoodies?? Misogyny is NOT okay.
The Most Popular Book in the Whole World. It is hilarious and made of awesomesauce. I expect it's especially hilarious if you hate Twilight, and perhaps also if you <3 Twilight. I haven't read it, but I'm thinking about it so I can join in the lulz.

New chapters posted MWF.


Via Feministing.
coffee ice cream
Hershey's syrup
hazelnut liqueur
soy milk
chai tea concentrate

Mariah Carey performs like a mediocre drag queen.
ROCK 83 Gem City 47